WindTerm - Pair

Quick Start

WindTerm supports highlighting the opening and closing delimiter ((), [], {} and any customed delimiters) when setting caret in pair. Quick selecting the matching pairs via double-clicking or shortcuts is available.

Shortcut [Local Mode] Action
Ctrl+Shift+[ Select the matching pairs
Repeating the key will expands the selection to the outer matching pairs
Ctrl+Shift+] Same as above
Alt+Shift+[ Select to the opening delimiter
Alt+Shift+] Select to the closing delimiter
Alt+Shift+P, Alt+Shift+[ Select to the previous delimiter
Alt+Shift+N, Alt+Shift+] Select to the next delimiter
Alt+[ Move to the opening delimiter
Alt+] Move to the closing delimiter
Alt+P, Alt+[ Move to the previous delimiter
Alt+N, Alt+] Move to the next delimiter