WindTerm - Logging / Automated Logging

Quick Start

WindTerm can be configured to start logging automatically upon connecting to the remote site.

You can start, stop, pause, resume and browse logging at any time also, please read Manual Logging.

The following flags can be used in the log file name and each line when logging a session.

Flag Output Example
%a Abbreviated weekday name “Thu”
%A Full weekday name “Thursday”
%b Abbreviated month name “Aug”
%B Full month name “August”
%C Year in 2 digits “20”
%d Day of month 01-31 “29”
%e Millisecond part of the current second 000-999 “678”
%H Hours in 24 format 00-23 “23”
%I Hours in 12 format 01-12 “11”
%M Minutes 00-59 “59”
%m Month 01-12 “11”
%n Session name “”
%p AM/PM “PM”
%S Seconds 00-59 “58”
%v The actual text to log “some session text”
%Y Year in 4 digits “2020”
%% The % sign “%”

Auto Logging