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WindTerm has extremely high performance and low memory consumption.

Especially when it comes to commands with a massive amount of text output, WindTerm outperforms the majority of terminals in terms of parsing speed, display speed, and memory usage. This makes your work more efficient, giving you more time to enjoy your life.


The testing environment used for testing is as follows:
Hardware: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 and 8GB Memory
Software: WSL(Ubuntu 18.04.2), Windows 10

Application Version Release Data
WindTerm v1.6.0 Prerelease 3 2023-11-15
Putty v1.79 2023-08-26
Windows Terminal v1.18.3181.0 2023-11-15

All applications are set to scrollback lines to 1200000 and window size to 110x32. Test data is for reference only.
Note: The maximum scrollback lines for Windows Terminal can only be set to 32768. This limitation might have been implemented for performance reasons during its design, so its memory usage has not been tested and is meaningless.

Benchmark: Execute commands
WindTerm Putty Windows Terminal
elapsed 1.305s 9.759s 6.774s
memory (before) 33.1MB 3.7MB -
memory (after) 49.6MB 555.5MB -

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