WindTerm - Modem / XModem

Quick Start

WindTerm supports the XModem and XModem-1K protocol well. You can upload or download one file not larger than 4 gigabytes by executing rx, sx or rz/sz -X commands, right click menu, or drag and drop files. WindTerm also has several other nice XModem features:

  • Supports automatic opening of the download directory after received.
  • Supports customizing padding char when uploading files.
  • Supports automatic trimming padding when downloading files.
  • Supports using the Cancel button, or <ctrl+x><ctrl+x>, or <ctrl+c> key to terminate the transmission at any time.
  • Detailed transmission progress and error messages.
  • Fast and stable transmission speed.


  • When encountering any unexpected problems, <ctrl+x><ctrl+x> can always ensure to exit the transmission and return to normal.


Upload single file:

Download multiple files: