WindTerm - Free Type Mode

Quick Start

Free type mode lets you using the mouse to quickly move the cursor, select text, and drag and drop text, either when typing shell commands, or in applications such as VI, Emacs, everything is as convenient as in a text editor.

Free type mode supports:

  • Any protocol and shell, including SSH, Telnet, Serial, bash, cmd, powershell etc.
  • Move the cursor by Alt + Mouse Click.
    For convenience, when the Term is xterm or xterm-256color, only a mouse click is required to move the cursor.
  • For the current line containing the cursor:
    • Drag mouse to select text.
    • Double-click to select a word.
    • Double-click to select text between matching pairs.
    • Triple-click to select the line.
    • Shift + Click to select a piece of text.
  • Overwrite, delete or move the selection.

Focus Mode